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All Seventy Seven Counties Say No to Recreational Marijuana as SQ 820 Fails

Major Ag Groups within Oklahoma were a driving force in the success of the NO vote that prevailed in the statewide special ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana. Unofficial results show that all 77 counties voted no- with Oklahoma County the last of the counties that have ended up with the a no vote-with a …

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Farm and Ranch news for March 2, 2023 with KC Sheperd

New Standalone Status for Medical Marijuana Agency is Heading the Right Direction 

At the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association’s 2023 winter policy meeting, Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, got the chance to visit with the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, Adria Berry, about the latest on all things marijuana-related in Oklahoma.  The OMMA, Berry said, has been a stand-alone agency since November 1st of …

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