Good Production Cows Have Yet to Be Culled on Large Scale- Cow Market Remains Steady

Fri, 21 Oct 2022 11:44:26 CDT

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KC Sheperd, Farm Director, had the chance to visit with Bob Rodenberger, A partner with Stockman Oklahoma Livestock Marketing. Today, Rodenberger talks about the latest on the cattle markets.

Rodenberger said he is still seeing normal runs and large cow runs this week, although he was expecting them to slow down.

“People are still culling, and the cow market was steady this week- wasn’t any cheaper,” Rodenberger said. “Calf market was steady. On the long-weaned good calves, there was a little more demand on them.”

There is more demand on long-weaned calves, Rodenberger said, because people are buying some calves after receiving rain last week and some producers have dusted their wheat in and have prospects for wheat.

Rodenberger said the feeder market was steady this week.

Many customers have received good rains this week, Rodenberger said, which is improving attitudes among producers.

Demand in the beef industry remains strong, Rodenberger said, despite many different headwinds.

“We know we are going to have fewer cattle for January through May- the wheat is not there,” Rodenberger said. “The thing that is going to keep the lid on it is politics interest in grain.”

Right now, Rodenberger said the biggest focus for cattle producers is the availability of water, so hopefully more rains are on the horizon.

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