Dairy Defined Podcast: NMPF Scholarship Supports Dairy’s Future

Holiday giving season is under way, and NMPF’s National Dairy Leadership Scholarship Program is a worthy beneficiary for anyone who cares about a better industry future, explains Nicole Ayache, who leads the program at NMPF, in the latest Dairy Defined podcast. The scholarship supports graduate students, enrolled in master’s or doctoral programs, who are actively pursuing dairy related fields of research that directly benefit milk marketing cooperatives and the U.S. dairy industry at large. To learn more about it or to donate, just go to NMPF’s home page, nmpf.org, and click on the blue bar. 

“As we look at the last 10 years or so of recipients, all of those recipients have stayed within agriculture,” said Ayache, who also serves as NMPF’s vice president for environmental stewardship and sustainability and leads the FARM Program’s Environmental Stewardship initiative. “In research, academia, allied industry, whatever it might be, those individuals have stayed within agriculture, and the majority within dairy itself. So we do believe that the scholarships we are awarding are really fulfilling our goal, which is to support the future of dairy.”

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