Beef Checkoff Sees Substantial Improvements in Online Beef Purchasing from Digital Marketing Efforts

Click here to listen to Ron Hays talk with Jennifer Nealson about the Beef Checkoff’s digital advertising efforts.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is visiting with the senior vice president of global marketing and research at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Jennifer Nealson, about the Beef Checkoff’s digital advertising efforts.

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“Things are going great in the digital market as there are so many different channels now,” Nealson said.

Nealson said the checkoff has worked extensively to reach consumers on many different platforms such as their TVs, phones, desktops and tablets.

“The digital effort has really helped to very quicky expand our reach and it is incredibly successful,” Nealson said.

E-commerce has expanded a great deal over the course of Covid, Nealson said, because people could not make it to the grocery store as easily.

“That market, over the last few years, has grown to be 1.1 billion (dollar market) as a grocery E-commerce market,” Nealson.

Sixty-four percent of the population is buying groceries online, Nealson said, and 84 percent of the population is ordering meals online.

“The time that we have been at home through Covid has really increased the adoption of these types of platforms,” Nealson said. “What we have recognized as a marketing organization is that we want to place beef front and center when people are online shopping and ordering meals. So, I am excited to announce here at the conference this year that in 2022 we have had about six programs, and in those programs have seen incredible results.”

In fact, Nealson said, the checkoff’s highest resulting campaign made 80 dollars in incremental beef sales to every one dollar of ad spending for that effort.

The increase in consumers buying beef online, Nealson said, is supported by tools offered by retailers online to allow the shopper to communicate directly with the store to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

“It really is adding up and being a meaningful return on investment of your checkoff dollars,” Nealson said.

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