Bob Rodenberger of Stockmans Livestock Auction Looks for Cattle Market to stay Good for the Next 2-4 years

Listen to KC and Bob Rodenberger discuss this weeks Cattle Market

A good Market this week for Cattle as demand has been extremely good for all classes following 2 weeks of light
runs due to winter storms. Some moisture has fallen across much of the state with the bulk of it in the South and Eastern parts of the state. Bob Rodenberger at Stockman’s livestock Auction says calves were higher everywhere, “This market is in good hands. The Runs were bigger everywhere compared to the week before because the weather got most of us, but there is good demand on these calves.”

Rodenberger said the killing cow market is higher but they are seeing a different kind of cow, “These cows are coming in with some flesh on them so that makes them worth quite a bit more.” Right now replacement cows are hard to find, “Everybody is wanting to buy cows before they get high, and from some of the prices I’m hearing, they’ve already got high.”

Looking ahead to next week Rodenberger said he thinks we will have a pretty similar week, “I don’t think we will see any huge runs in front of us. We know when we get past May we know our numbers are going to drop drastically because we’ve sold so many cows. We won’t have that big fall calf run because we’ve sold a lot of those fall calves. We know there’s gotta be less because we’ve sold so many cows that won’t have a calf there. ” Rodenberger said a lot of the cows that are being brought in have been open, “Way more open cows than people were expecting.” He says that’s due to hot weather, low nutrition, bad bulls, and a number of issues that can create that problem.

Rodenberger believes we have a good market for the next two to four years and continues to remain positive.

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