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Bob Rodenberger Says Cattle Market Still good, but Consumers will dictate where the Market Goes

Bob Rodenberger of Stockman’s Livestock Auction in Apache discussed the current state of the cattle market with Farm Director KC Sheperd, emphasizing the favorable conditions for a specific age group of steers and advising risk management strategies. Rodenberger says the market still looks pretty strong: “This is still a good market. We were selling eight—or …

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Bob Rodenberger Expects Decent Cattle Runs Through End of the Year

KC Sheperd, Farm Director, is back talking with Bob Rodenberger, a partner with Stockmans Livestock Marketing, as he gives the latest on the cattle markets.   “We started out the week pretty much in a steady market on the feeder cattle, and the light cattle had excellent demand, and it looked good,” Rodenberger said. “By the end of …

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Bob Rodenberger at Stockman’s Livestock Auction Encourages Producers to Lock in Record Prices

The Cattle Markets continue to stay good, according to Bob Rodenberger at Stockman’s Livestock Auction in Apache. Farm Director KC Sheperd talked with Rodenberger, and he said, “The Market is extreme. We couldn’t ask for anything any better. We’re selling cattle at historical highs, We’ve got fat cattle at historical highs; I mean, everything’s very …

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Bob Rodenberger says he sees a Good Market and Positive Attitudes for Beef

Rain has fallen across drought-stricken areas in Oklahoma giving cattle producers a reason to smile again. At Stockman’s Livestock Auction in Apache, Bob Rodenberger says the market looks good and producers are in a better mood, “Runs in the city were light, a lot of that was all due to excessive rain where they were …

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Bob Rodenberger of Stockmans Livestock Auction Looks for Cattle Market to stay Good for the Next 2-4 years

A good Market this week for Cattle as demand has been extremely good for all classes following 2 weeks of lightruns due to winter storms. Some moisture has fallen across much of the state with the bulk of it in the South and Eastern parts of the state. Bob Rodenberger at Stockman’s livestock Auction says …

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Bob Rodenberger Says Good Sales this Week with higher dollars for Premium Cattle

It was a busy week in the Livestock Market this week. Oklahoma National Stockyards started the week with 14,000 cattle. Bob Rodenberger at Stockman’s livestock Auction said with the Oklahoma Angus Association Sale offerings at Oklahoma national stockyards, they saw cattle sell higher, “We’ve seen what premium cattle do. I saw a set of fancy …

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