Ag Youth Magazine says Farewell After 35 Years

Click here to listen to KC Sheperd talk with Larry Peck about Ag Youth Magazine.

Farm Director, KC Sheperd, caught up with the owner of Ag Youth Magazine, Larry Peck at the Oklahoma Youth Expo and talked about the magazine’s last run.

Larry Peck and his wife Mary Peck started the Ag Youth Magazine 35 years ago. After countless impressions on Oklahoma’s youth, Peck and his wife have decided to retire the Ag Youth magazine and spend more time with their grandchildren.

“This is our final OYE with Ag Youth,” Larry said.

Peck said he is grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing people through the Ag Youth Magazine.

“Mary and I are just totally blessed to be able to produce a magazine about good positive kids and what they do,” Peck said. Peck and his team travel all over the state, showcasing the youth of Oklahoma as they show livestock. Not only has Peck taken great pictures, but he and his wife also pour into the Youth of the state by providing leadership, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities.

Peck and his wife have been involved in teaching FFA and 4-H for many years, Peck said, which they both enjoyed. Having the opportunity to watch so many young people grow up and have thriving careers after their involvement in the 4-H and FFA, Peck said, has been truly special. They continue to follow the careers of the kids they have taught, watched in the show ring, or helped in some way throughout their careers.

Each Year Ag Youth Employs youth across the state to show up at the Oklahoma Youth Expo to take pictures in the rings of all the events.

Peck said he and Mary would continue to run the paper in Sentinel Oklahoma, “The Sentinel Leader,” which features good news around the community, ” It has an Ag Youth look to it. It’s all kids. We are only into it about five months, but we are fixing to blow it up.”

Peck said he and Mary will enjoy more time to watch their three grandkids at all their activities as they are now getting older and more involved.

We here at Oklahoma Farm Report will undoubtedly miss seeing all the Red badges and T-shirts of the Ag Youth Staff around the show ring. They have helped us many times get those great shots of the kids! We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Larry, Mary, and the Ag Youth team throughout the years and will miss them, but know they will continue to inspire young people for years to come! Thank you for all you have done!

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