Noble County Tractor Closes its Doors After 75 Years of Service and Memories

Listen to KC Sheperd talk with Richard and Wally Randall about Noble County Tractor.

Noble Country Tractor, based in Perry, Oklahoma, is closing down after almost 75 years of service to Perry and the surrounding areas. The company was started by Olin Randall, father of the current owner Richard Randall, who came to the area from Blackwell, OK, after 20 years in the tractor and automobile business in that area. The enterprise began selling Ford Tractors in 1949 and added the Mercury and Edsel lines in 1955 and 1958, respectively. Noble County Tractor also handled the Ford Motor Company lines from 1983 until 2018.

Farm Director, KC Sheperd, had the opportunity to visit with Richard Randall and his son, Wally Randall, about the legacy of Noble Country Tractor as they look back on countless decades of memories, relationships, and hard work.

“My father had two partners when he originally started,” Richard Randall said. “I moved down here May 14 of ‘49. My brother and I ran it for a number of years, and I bought him out, and I have had it by myself for over 50 years now in all.”

Richard and his son Wally have enjoyed working together each day, doing business with four generations of people in Perry and the surrounding community.

“In my early days in the car business, I didn’t even sign a contract,” Richard Randall said. “Everything was done with a shake of a hand. You have got to do a little more than that today.”

Wally Randall said that along with his father’s honest way of business, his father also prefers to keep technology to a minimum.

“If you walk into his office, you won’t find a computer,” Wally Randall said. “You will find a ten-key on his desk, and you will find a telephone on his desk.”

The business closed permanently on Friday, March 31, and Mr. Randall commissioned Pickens Auctions to liquidate the entire remaining assets of Noble County Tractor on Saturday, May 6, beginning at 9:00 am. The assets include Prime Perry, OK, commercial real estate, parts, shop tools, equipment, trucks, and trailers. Also included in the auction will be a 1959 Edsel with only 62,000 original miles that Richard sold brand new and purchased back from the original owner years later.

“We have lots of unique items,” Wally Randall said.

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