Breed Executives Commend Cattlemen’s Congress for Convenient Location and Execution

Luke Bowman (left) and Maci Carter (right)
Listen to Maci Carter talk with Luke Bowman and Sherry Doubet.

Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is featuring commentary from Radio Oklahoma Ag Intern, Maci Carter’s interviews with various breed executives, including American Simmental Association’s Luke Bowman and American Salers Association’s Sherry Doubet.

Bowman is in the outreach department of the American Simmental Association and works primarily with SimGenetics.

“We might be the biggest breed (at Cattlemen’s Congress),” Bowman said.

Bowman said that the Simmental breed has had quite the presence at Cattlemen’s Congress, as over 500 head of Simmental and SimGenetics cattle were shown.

The location of the show is one factor contributing to the large numbers of Simmental cattle at the show, Bowman said, as it is a convenient spot for many producers.

“We get a lot more presence from folks that can’t make it all the way to the National Western in Denver,” Bowman said.

Sherry Doubet (left) and Maci Carter (right)

Carter also talked with the Executive Vice President of the American Salers breed, Sherry Doubet.

“This is our 49th year (as a breed association), and we are pretty excited to be part of the American cattle industry,” Doubet said. “We are part of the International Genetics Solutions group, where we get all of our EPD work done, so we are just excited to be part of it.”

For producers who are interested in performance data, Doubet said the Salers breed is primarily focused on EPDs. Doubet said Salers cattle are known for their outstanding maternal ability, structure in the feet and legs, and more.

“We are interested in selling bulls, and having private treaty bull sales, and selling commercial heifers,” Doubet said. “The fact that we are part of the IGS program, the International Genetics Solutions program, is really important so that our EPDs are compatible with the other 19 breeds that are in the IGS system.”

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