Kim Anderson Explains Factors Supporting Lower Wheat Prices

Listen to Kim Anderson talk about the latest in the crop markets.

This week on SUNUP is Oklahoma State University Extension grain market economist Kim Anderson. During this week’s edition, Anderson talks about the latest in the crop markets.

“It is not news that wheat prices have been in a downtrend since late July when prices were around $8.40 in northern Oklahoma,” Anderson said. “Prices trended down into early November, hit $6, then moved by December 1st down to $5.40. They went back up over $6 for just a while by mid December, and they have been going down ever since until early this week when wheat prices hit $5.”

Now, Anderson said wheat prices are up around $5.40 to $5.50.

“It looks like they have been trading between that $5 and $5.50,” Anderson said. “We will have to break the $5.50 for it to move up. I would be surprised if it did.”

With stocks to use ratios for hard red winter wheat at an average, Anderson said many are wondering why wheat prices have been trending down.

“If you will look at exports, it might tell us something about what is going on in these markets,” Anderson said.

Exports are projected to be below average, Anderson said, and much of this is impacted by the Black Sea area.

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