Supreme Commercial Breeding Gilt Shown by Kashan Young of Rogers County 4-H

Over 1,200 crossbred gilts were shown on Wednesday and Thursday to open the 2024 Oklahoma Youth Expo. Judges Troy Sloan of Missouri and Zach Schweke of Minnesota selected the dark cross gilts on Wednesday and finished with the light cross gilts on Thursday before the midday Supreme drive.

They agreed on the Dark Cross Champion as the Supreme Commercial Breeding Gilt of the 2024 OYE- Kashan Young of Rogers County 4-H winning a three thousand dollar scholarship plus securing the leadoff spot for the Night of Stars Gilt Sale this coming Tuesday evening, March 19. (Kashan pictured above)

The Reserve Supreme Commercial Breeding Gilt was the reserve Dark Cross- shown by Isaiah Gamez of Adair FFA. He wins a $2,500 scholarship and one of the first spots in the Night of Stars OYE Gilt Show.

Reserve Supreme Crossbred Champion Shown by Isaiah Gamez of Adair FFA

Third place Crossbred was the third place Dark Cross- shown by Audrey Cooper of the Ft. Gibson FFA.

Fourth high Crossbred was the 4th place Dark Cross- owned and shown by Adison Thompson of Noble FFA.

The Fifth High Crossbred spot was claimed by the Champion Light Crossbred gilt- shown by Emma Throckmorton of Marlow FFA.

The complete spreadsheet showing all entries and the class and division winners is available here.

Click here for the full schedule for the 2024 OYE. The Oklahoma Farm Report team will be snapping pictures from start to finish- and you can see them as we add them to our Flickr album for 2024- available hereIf you want to look back to the 2023 OYE- click here for our pictures from last year’s event.

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