Senator Elect Markwayne Mullin is Ready to Take Oklahoma Values to Washington in 2023

Sat, 12 Nov 2022 16:58:39 CST

Senator Elect Markwayne Mullin is Ready to Take Oklahoma Values to Washington in 2023

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The opening general session of the the 80th Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau welcomed the soon to be new junior Senator for Oklahoma, Markwayne Mullin. Mullin says that his rural roots- growing up in Westville just a few miles from the Arkansas state line, has provided him a foundation that includes a strong moral compass, a work ethic and a belief that failure is not an option. Mullin said those attributes helped him succssfully represent eastern Oklahoma's second District in the US House- and will allow him to serve the next four years in filling the term being vacated by Senator Jim Inhofe.

Mullin told the Farm Bureau members about living on a small ranch in Adair County helps him understand the challenges they face farming and ranching daily.

Mullin tells Oklahoma Farm Report's Ron Hays that when he becomes Olahoma's next Senator that he intends to quickly begin to build alliances and relationships- and that he wants to make sure he gets on the "right" committees. At the top of his wish list- The Senate Armed Services Committee. Beyond that- he belives that he needs to also pursue Senator Inhofe's other major COmmittee- the Environment and Public Works Committee which has oversite on regulations handled by the EPA. He also expects to be asked to serve on the Native Affairs Committee, since he will be the only member of the Senate that has Native American heritage.

Mullin doesn't expect to seek a seat on the Senate Ag Committee- as he believes that Congressman Frank Lucas serving on the House Ag Committee in the new year covers Oklahoma's bases in that area.

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Ron Hays talks with Senator Elect Markwayne Mullin at the Oklahoma Farm Bureay Annual Meeting

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