Pork Exports Peak to Record-Setting Numbers

The November exports of U.S. pork were the largest of 2022 in both volume and value, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF).   

Global Pork Exports 
November 2022 Compared to 2021

Pork exports to Mexico set another value record in November, topping $200 million for the second consecutive month, and volume was record-large at 87,809 mt.  

Overall results were also bolstered by excellent growth in variety meat exports, which were up more than 25% year-over-year at just over 50,000 mt, valued at $116.9 million – up 21% and the fourth highest on record, driven by growth to China and Mexico.  

NPB also analyzes trade data YTD compared to the 5-year averages and with and without China – an important perspective as the world looks to normalize trade trends after a global pandemic. 

2022 YTD compared to the 5 Year Average (Jan-Aug) 

  • With China
    • +1% in volume, +8% in value 
  • Without China
    • +3% in volume, +17% in value 
  • Well performing markets – top 10 trading partners (value)
    • Mexico, Japan, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala 
  • Declining markets – top 10 trading partners (value)
    • China, South Korea, Australia, Honduras 

Key Markets in Value and Volume 2022 YTD Compared to 2021 

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