Pro Tem Treat Launches Economic Development Select Committee

Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, today announced the development of a business retention and economic development select committee.

The committee will study the current economic landscape in Oklahoma in an attempt to attract more employers and major investments in Oklahoma.

“Oklahoma has abundant resources, qualified employees and a legislature and executive branch that is friendly to the business community,” said Pro Tem Treat. “We have a history of going out of our way to offer advantages other states cannot. There is no reason for us to continuously lose out to another state in this country on major business developments. That is why I am determined find the common denominator as to why we aren’t being chosen and figure out how we can become more attractive to businesses looking to expand or relocate. We will hear from business experts, company executives, state offiicials and everyone else to make Oklahoma more attractive to major employers.”

Pro Tem Treat will chair the committee and will announce appointees, meeting dates, times and locations at a later date.

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