Valuable Experience at OYE Highlighted by Exhibitor Trenton Morton

Listen to KC Sheperd talk with Trenton Morrison about the Oklahoma Youth Expo.

At the Oklahoma Youth Expo, Farm Director, KC Sheperd, talked with an exhibitor, Trenton Morton about his experience at this year’s OYE and previous years he has attended.

Morton is 13 years old and has been showing wether goats at the Oklahoma Youth Expo for the past five years. Heavily involved in many extracurriculars, Morton talked to Sheperd about how he makes time to do his best in all of his activities.

“Playing basketball really doesn’t interfere with showing goats as much, but when it does, we just have to work through it,” Morton said.

At a previous OYE, Morton started a campaign to write thank-you notes to those helping put on the show. Back in 2020, when OYE was shut down mid-way due to Covid 19, Morton wanted to make sure all of the folks who helped with the show knew how much that show meant to him and countless other exhibitors. So he set up a “Thank You” campaign at the Ag Youth Booth with his Grandpa, Larry Peck, and encouraged everyone to stop by and sign a Thank you card.

“We might be doing this again this year, but I am not 100 percent sure,” Morton said.

Morton has been part of the OYE for many years before he was old enough to show, he said, helping his grandparents, Larry and Mary Peck, with the Ag Youth Magazine.

“It is always fun making new friends and just getting to know more people from all around the state of Oklahoma,” Morton said.

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