Oklahoma Cattlemen Urge Producers to Prepare for Dangerous Fire Conditions Immediately

The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) has been alerted by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry (ODAFF) that the situation for wildfire in Western Oklahoma tomorrow (Tuesday) is critical. Cattle producers are encouraged to prepare immediately as much as possible considering the extreme fire danger conditions predicted for tomorrow – high winds, high temperatures and low humidity.

“We pray that there isn’t a fire outbreak but want cattlemen to be prepared in an effort to protect their livelihood,” said OCA Executive Vice President Michael Kelsey. “ODAFF officials are warning that conditions are right to repeat the Rhea Fire from 2018 where over 200,000 acres were affected.”

Examples of preparation include:

  • Moving cattle to a smaller, enclosed location such as pens to be able to manage them more quickly if needed.
  • Have tanks of water filled and ready for deployment.
  • Avoid any activity that would create a spark in range land settings.
  • Check with neighbors today to discuss any immediate needs you or they might have as well as potential strategies in vulnerable spots (canyons, hard to reach areas, etc.).
  • Inventory your livestock, equipment, and personal items.

Should you see smoke, call 911 immediately; they will dispatch local first responders. If you find yourself in the line of fire, remember your personal safety.

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