Tremendous Market this Week with Bigger Runs than Expected says Bob Rodenberger

Listen to KC Visit with Bob Rodenberger at Stockman’s Livestock Auction in Apache

KC Sheperd, Farm Director, is back talking with Bob Rodenberger, a partner with Stockman Oklahoma Livestock Marketing, as he gives the latest on the cattle markets. 

“Our numbers were better than we thought,” Rodenberger said. “We had a good run in Oklahoma City. Tremendous market. Had quite a bigger run at Apache than we assumed. The feeder market, stocker market, cow market was all higher. The crazy part is- I don’t know where they found 400 cows in Caddo County, but we had 400 cows yesterday.”

Boxed beef is higher this week, Rodenberger said, and keeps moving up.

“We have already accomplished highs higher than 2015,” Rodenberger said.

With price protection available, Rodenberger said it is always important for producers to protect their downside.

“I am not worried at all about the cattle business,” Rodenberger said. “It is all a political something that will pop up, that always wrecks us. It is never the cattle business.”

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