Preserving Am Radio In Vehicles

Listen as KC hears from NAFB President Joe Gill about the importance of Keeping AM Radio in vehicles.

Unlike satellite radio or streaming, local broadcast radio is always available with no cellular data, subscription or signal required. Many of our affiliate stations are powered by AM radio and cover extensive areas across the United States.

Despite this, some auto manufacturers have recently removed AM radio from their electric vehicle models.

The Importance of AM Radio in Rural Areas Remains High

Radio is the most used source of daily agribusiness information. Farmers and ranchers depend on AM radio to obtain information about topics such as weather, markets, ag news, ag commentary, and local events. AM radio is especially critical in areas where reliable broadband has yet to be deployed as well as in areas where FM signals don’t extend. AM radio gives a larger coverage area and is often the only stable form of communication for rural areas.

Numerous lawmakers, regulators, and former FEMA administrators agree that AM radio is critical to ensuring information can reach the public during times of crisis. Taking AM radios out of cars will put Americans at risk.

AM Radio serves a vital role in our nation’s emergency infrastructure as the backbone of the Emergency Alert System. When the power goes out and cell networks are down, the car radio often is the only way for people to get information, sometimes for days at a time.


There are more than 4,470 licensed AM stations across the country. Of those, 1,500+ provide agriculture programming. It is clear AM radio plays a vital role in connecting communities with stations that serve these audiences with niche and in language programming. Urban and suburban residents rely on AM radio for news, weather, sports, and more. Consumers still desire AM in-car listening. Thirty-three percent of new car buyers say AM radio is a very important feature in a vehicle
— higher than dedicated Wi-Fi (31 percent), SiriusXM satellite radio (27 percent), and personal assistants such as Google
Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Please join our efforts to preserve AM radio in all future vehicles. Your involvement will ensure you receive the latest news and information on ways you can help with our initiatives aimed at connecting with members of Congress and the
automotive industry on this important issue.

Local AM radio stations keep us connected. They provide the news, sports, weather, traffic, and music on which we all depend. And during emergencies, local stations offer a lifeline to keep us safe, informed, and connected. For millions of drivers, local radio is what keeps them company on their commutes or road trips. In fact, nearly 90% of prospective car buyers say an AM/FM radio should be standard in every car. Despite AM radio’s continued popularity, some automakers have begun discontinuing the feature in new vehicles. If you want to help keep free, local radio in cars, now is the time to act! Take action today and tell your legislators why you depend on AM radio. Your voice matters.

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