Logan Snider, Chisolm FFA wins Inaugural FFA Auction Contest

Pic Courtesy of OK State Auctioneers Association

Congratulations to our Inaugural FFA Auction Contest Champion, Logan Snider! The Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association worked with leaders in FFA to introduce the auction industry to FFA members. The Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association was there to congratulate Logan and held the following Q & A with her after the big win.

Logan Snider, a first year FFA member, attends Chisholm Public Schools in Enid, Oklahoma. Logan is an 8th grader who is very active in FFA, volleyball, basketball, and track. She has 2 brothers, 5 horses, and a dog. She enjoys the sport of rodeo and has found a passion for FFA competitions such as Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Prepared Speech, and Auctioneering.

How does it feel to have won the inaugural state FFA championship?

“I am extremely excited to have won the championship! There were so many talented competitors and I feel grateful and blessed to have won!”

Do you see the auction industry being a part of your career? If so why?

“Absolutely! The auction industry is filled with great people and amazing opportunities. I look forward to seeing where it leads me.”

How could you encourage future FFA members to participate in this program?

“I can encourage others by sharing what this program has done for me! FFA and the OSAA’s partnership is the first of its kind, which makes it exciting to promote this opportunity. I would tell members to be on the lookout for future auctioneering competitions and to take part in FFA leadership opportunities in public speaking.”

One piece of advice for other FFA members interested in competing?

“My advice would be to step out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges. I had never auctioneered before joining FFA, but have found competing both fun and exciting!”

Kevin T. Swain also talked about the Larry Brinkley Award trophy on his Facebook page, “The Larry Brinkley award went to the winner along with numerous other items, and Rachel Sain is buying the winner a ring. Brent Bolen, Dwight Clardy, Michael Storey, and I paid to have a custom trophy built to travel the State and to be housed at the winning chapter’s school for a year.

The trophy is designed for 60 years of winners’ names to be engraved. Several members of the Brinkley family were present to watch Larry Brinkley be honored. Larry Brinkley‘s name will be honored across Oklahoma in every FFA chapter. The winner of the contest was 14 years old. If you have a child in FFA interested in learning how to auctioneer, please reach out, and I will give you instructions. I’m currently training two young auctioneers from our area in hopes of bringing the Larry Brinkley Award home to McCurtain County next year”

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