Oklahoma Wheat Harvest Moves to 15 Percent Complete over Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday May 28, 2024

By: The Oklahoma Wheat Commission

Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Wheat Commission.

Oklahoma wheat harvest continued to move forward in Southwest and Central Oklahoma over the weekend, but rains in parts of Southwest Oklahoma and Northern Oklahoma that were received at the time of this report will delay harvest today most likely in those regions the next couple days.  More rains are predicted in all regions of the wheat belt over the next few days. Wheat taken in at locations in Southwest, South Central and Central Oklahoma, have had favorable test weights, and yields reported at this time.  Protein ranges are varying all over the board, but most locations are reporting an 11.0 to 11.2% average. Early reports of wheat being harvested in Northern, Oklahoma are also showing promising yields with decent test weights.

Southwest and Western Oklahoma

Grandfield/Chattanooga/Lawton- Wheat harvest was in full force over the weekend in this region. Yields for the most part ranging from the low 40’s to low 50’s. Heavily grazed wheat having the lower yields in the high 20’s to low 30’s.  It has been noted some intensively managed fields have been yielding 50, with a few yields in the lower 70’s being reported.  Test weights ranging from 60lbs. to 65lbs. per bushel.  Protein averages being reported from 10.5% to 12%, with the overall average being around 11.0% to 11.2%.  At the time of this report rains ranged over the area Tuesday morning from 2/10ths to 1/2 inch for the most part. These locations reporting 40 to 45 percent complete.

Frederick- Producers made great progress in this region over the weekend. Yields have been ranging from 35 to 50 bushels per acre for the most part depending on management practices.  Test weights ranging from 60 lbs. to 63 lbs. per bushel. Proteins ranging all over the board, from 9.5% to 13.5%.  The protein average for the region is reported at 11.0 to 11.2%. At the time of this report rains around Frederick came in this morning with 1/2 inch to 8/10ths.  These locations reporting from 40 to 45 percent complete.

Gotebo/Sentinel/Rocky/-Producers had a good weekend with movement in this region. Test weights ranging from 63 to 64 lbs. per bushel.  Yields being reported from 30 bushels to mid 50’s.  The lower yields are on heavily grazed fields.  Some higher yields are expected once producers start getting into better wheat.  At the time of this report, Sentinel had one inch of moisture, Rocky had ½ inch, and places around Gotebo received 2 inches of rain. Proteins in this region have been favorable ranging from 12% to 15%.  They are calling the average in this region at 13%.

Central Oklahoma

Okarche- Early cuttings report yields from 40 to 55 bushel averages for the most part. Producers are just getting a good start over the weekend in this region. Yields are expected to increase as producers get into better wheat. Test weights reported at 61 lbs. to 64 lbs. per bushel.  Protein reports on early cuttings ranging all over the board from 9% to 13.5%.  Right now it looks like the region is averaging 11.0%  

Reeding/Kingfisher/Omega- Producers are just getting good starts in this region over the weekend, early reports indicate test weights to be doing well ranging from 63lbs. to 64lbs. for the most part. A few test weights at 59 lbs. but that wheat was heavily grazed.  Yields ranging from mid 40’s to low 50’s for the most part.  It is expected yields will increase as producers get into better wheat. Some higher yields have been noted in low to mid 60’s on fields with intensive management. Protein ranging from 9% to 13.5%. Right now it is looking like an 11.0% to 11.2% average for the region.

Northern Oklahoma

Waukomis/Marshall- These locations had a few loads brought in over the weekend.  Early test weights have been favorable at 60 lbs. per bushel and higher. Early yields ranging from mid 30’s to mid 50’s.  Protein on early cuttings not reported at this time.

Helena- A couple loads were taken in at this location, but no yields, test weights or proteins were reported at the time of this report.

Blackwell- Some early cutting in Blackwell on Monday being reported by the Wooderson family, no yields reported on early cuttings but test weights were favorable at 60 plus. The weather was overcast at the time of this report, so it does not look like a lot of drying will be going on today, with predicted rains in the forecast.

Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Wheat Commission.

Early reports in all locations show test weights ranging from 60 to 65 lbs. per bushel. Proteins ranging from 9% to 13.5%, with an overall average of proteins being reported at 11.0% to 11.2%. The wheat being harvested in Southwest Oklahoma has not been stressed as much, so it is thought proteins will get higher as harvest progresses North where we have drought stress. Early yields being reported at 40 to 50 bushels per acre in most regions.  Higher yields being reported on intensively managed wheat with some yields on a few fields being reported in the mid 60’s to low 70’s.  The state has received a large amount of hail damage in South Central, Southwest, and Northern, Oklahoma over the past two weeks, so this will show losses on overall production.  Harvest will be delayed in many areas due to moisture late last night and early this morning, with more rains predicted. The Oklahoma Wheat Commission is calling the state 15% complete with harvest.  The next Oklahoma Wheat Commission Harvest report will be published on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

Below, see the 7-day forecast and storm potential outlook provided by the Oklahoma Mesonet.

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