More Selling Tips for Wheat Producers from Kim Anderson as Prices Sit Above Average

Listen to Kim Anderson talk about the latest in the crop markets on OSU’s SUNUP.

This week on SUNUP is Oklahoma State University Extension grain market economist Kim Anderson. During this week’s edition, Anderson talks about tips for selling wheat and the crop markets.

“We had a good run up in wheat at about $1.85,” Anderson said. “Everybody is excited. It has backed off about 35 to 40 cents- somewhere around $6.50 per bushel in Pond Creek. It will be about 40 cents less down in the Altus/Snyder area, or if you go up to Weatherford, probably 30 cents less. The panhandle is 10 cents less.”

During the June through August time period, Anderson said the average price for winter wheat in Oklahoma is $5.80. Currently, the price is above average, and the stocks-to-use ratio for the U.S. and the world is at about average.

For 2024 harvested corn, Anderson said there was a good rally, putting corn at $4.75. Now, 25 cents has come off of that price, putting it around $4.40. The average price for corn in Oklahoma is $4.80.

Anderson said soybeans are at $10.80, which is the average price for Oklahoma. Cotton prices have fallen in the last couple of weeks, Anderson added.

Regarding wheat harvest, Anderson said rains have slowed things down a bit, but when harvest began, things were ahead of schedule.

“I think harvest has come along relatively well,” Anderson said.

As always, Anderson recommends producers sell their wheat during the June through August time period.

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