Technology Enhanced Cattle Marketing is a Win-Win for Producers and Consumers

Charly Cummings on Panel at 2024 LMA Convention
Listen to Ron Hays talk with Charly Cummings about livestock marketing and more.

At the 2024 LMA Convention and World Livestock Auctioneer Championship in OKC over the weekend, Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster Ron Hays had the chance to talk with former WLAC champion Charly Cummings about marketing different types of beef cattle, technology in the cattle marketing industry, and more.

After winning the championship, Cummings said he had the chance to travel the county to meet individuals from different sale barns and producers from all over.

“It is just a family,” Cummings said. “Everybody has the same goals in mind.”

Cummings said he started with Superior Livestock Auctions in 2011 soon after he was awarded WLAC champion. In his time with Superior, Cummings noted the unique value of the group and the growth that has occurred over the years- especially technology-wise.

“Today, we can do everything electronically,” Cummings said. “I can consign a load of cattle in about 30 to 45 seconds just right off of my phone, whereas back in the day, we had to sign them up, we had to take the video with the video camera on our shoulder, and we are doing that with our iPhones now.”

During the convention, Cummings had the chance to speak on a few panels discussing the marketing of different types of cattle from dairy beef to Mexican cattle. Cummings talked about how having the chance to market some of these different beef types creates value for consumers who want to get the best price at the grocery store, but also great taste.

“I think the greatest thing is the end product,” Cummings said. “What we are seeing in these beef on dairy and that end product that is there; the consumers are going to love it.”

When talking with producers, Cummings said a common topic of conversation is how long the cattle markets will stay strong.

“We have heard it from Dr. Peel-this thing could last for three to five years, and I think it will, but more importantly, the word or the message I would like to tell producers is to get your risk management and get it covered,” Cummings said. “There is some opportunity with what LRP is bringing forth, there is opportunity with the CME and hedging, and a lot of opportunity in the business.”

Looking ahead on the technology front, Cummings said he looks forward to having the ability to spend more time working on organization and speed within the business. Coming up on June 20th, Cummings said he will be at the Tallgrass Video Auction in El Dorado, Kansas.

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