John Stika Applauds Certified Angus Beef for Being Valued by Consumers As They Crave Flavor and Taste

Listen to Ron Hays talk with John Stika about Certified Angus Beef.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is visiting with the President of Certified Angus Beef, John Stika, about domestic beef demand and the taste and quality that CAB brings to the table.

“I think we are all probably very pleased with the position that beef in general is in at the moment,” Stika said. “Grade is pretty good. Probably, the biggest question I continue to get especially from the production sector is, ‘Where are we at with consumer demand?’”

To answer that question, Stika said there is clearly a craving for high-quality beef.

“We continue to see our Certified Angus Beef sales remain extremely strong,” Stika said. “Some of the best months in our history are being experienced right now.”

During peak grilling time this summer, Stika said he expects to see more ground beef consumption than higher-end items due to rising beef costs. Make no mistake, Stika said the demand is still there for those more expensive cuts of beef.

“Consumers continue to tell us that flavor and taste is what they are looking for,” Stika said. “We are going to learn again as we did during the economic downturn that the purchasing decision on beef is the price in relation to value decision. It is not just a price decision alone.”

When it comes to marketing to consumers, Stika said it is important to communicate the value that sets CAB apart from other products at the grocery store.

“If it is not certified, it is not the best,” Stika said.

From an advertising standpoint, Stika said CAB utilizes digital media in a targeted manner to give consumers that extra push to purchase Certified Angus Beef.

“A big portion of our budget is also dedicated to education,” Stika said. “Education lasts a long time, and if we can teach those who are representing our brand through restaurant tours and when communicating with consumers to tell the brand’s story in a way that really encourages consumers to purchase the product, then over the long hall, that is what has been a big part of our success.”

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