Hurricane Beryl Brings Opportunity for More Rain

As Hurricane Beryl travels across the Texas Gulf Coast, it may also provide some drought-busting moisture for Oklahoma. According to State climatologist Gary McManus, It will probably go just to their southeast, so southeast of southeast Oklahoma. However, it should still provide ample rainfall to just about the last part of the state that needed a good dose. Up to 4-6 inches are being forecast, but that could go up a bit in localized areas, and there’s also a wind advisory for a bit of that spin left.”

McManus says with flash drought starting to pop up throughout Oklahoma this Rainfall will be helpful, “The rainfall from Beryl will complete a magnificent reversal of fortune for a state that was headed for some serious drought with flash drought spreading over the last 60 days.”

So even though we will see above normal temperatures the chance of rain will still be a welcome sight since those summertime Temps have already set back in, and this may be the last we see of rain for a bit.

To read more from State Climatologist Gary McManus on his mesonet ticker, click here:

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