Dr. Cheryl DeVuyst Serving Her First Year in the Officer Rotation on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board

Past Chairman Jimmy Taylor and Secretary Treasurer Cheryl Devuyst at Summer Board Meeting of Cattlemen’s Beef Board

Benjamin Franklin once said that “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” In the case of Dr. Cheryl DeVuyst, that adage is true as her busy schedule got a little busier at the start of 2024 when she was elected to the position of Secretary Treasurer of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. She says the duties have her reviewing invoices submitted by Checkoff Contractors and more.

Dr. DeVuyst is the third Oklahoman to serve as an officer of the Beef Board in recent years- following Jimmy Taylor and Chuck Coffey.

The Beef Board oversees collection of $1-per-head on all cattle sold in the U.S. and $1-per-head equivalent on imported cattle, beef and beef products. The QSBC may retain up to 50 cents of the money collected in their state but at least 50 cents must be sent to the Beef Board. The entire $1 is remitted to the Beef Board from assessments in non-QSBC states and from importers.

The Beef Board is responsible for approving the annual budget for its national checkoff-funded programs. The Beef Promotion Operating Committee consists of 20 members and is responsible for approving projects and funding to carry out programs. Ten members of the Operating Committee are elected by the Beef Board, and 10 members represent the QSBCs.

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Dr. Devuyst is the Head of the Ag Economics Department at Oklahoma State University. She and her husband Eric have cattle on their DeVuyst Ranch, a cow-calf and stocker operation. At the start of the year- she began her second three year term on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

Oklahoma Farm Report’s Ron Hays caught up with Dr. DeVuyst at the Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting in San Diego and they talked about her role on the Beef Board, and more about the programs of the Beef Board that she believes are important. Listen to their conversation below:

Ron Hays talks with Dr. Cheryl DeVuyst

They talked about her role at the 2024 meeting when she moderated the presentation of the latest five year research on the Return on Investment of the Beef Checkoff. The new return on investment number unveiled in San Diego was $13.41 for each dollar that was collected and invested.

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