How to Write a Country Song with James Otto

Listen to KC Sheperd’s full conversation with country music singer James Otto.

Farm Director KC Sheperd recently had the chance to catch up with country music singer, James Otto! Otto, who grew up on a farm, shared his songwriting philosophy and his love for the country music industry.

“I grew up on a 700-acre farm in the middle of North Dakota,” Otto said. “That was my entire childhood.”

As he reminisced about his childhood on a North Dakota farm and his music career, Otto also talked about his popular reimagining of Beyonce’s “Texas Hold ‘Em.” He also revealed his upcoming album, “Self Made Fool,” which features a song written with Jamie Johnson and Randy Hauser.

Otto said his love for music began early, starting with learning to play the fiddle in grade school.

“My whole life has been centered around music ever since,” Otto said. “I have been obsessed with music since childhood.”

Otto and KC discussed the evolution of music release strategy, with Otto proposing a single-release approach before an album, an idea still under consideration. Otto also shared insights into his dynamic and spontaneous songwriting process and his love for performing covers.

“I try to show up with the same enthusiasm every day no matter what I am doing and try to write whatever energy is in the room that day,” Otto said.

The discussion also touched on the challenges and benefits of being an artist in the modern era, with Otto emphasizing the importance of building strong roots in the country music industry and pursuing what one loves for intrinsic reasons. Lastly, Otto announced his bi-monthly release schedule for his upcoming country soul album and his live show, “James Otto’s Country Soul Sessions.”

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