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Extreme Drought Or Worse up from Last Week, while Moderate Drought Looks Better

To view the latest Oklahoma drought map, CLICK HERE. According to the latest Oklahoma Drought Monitor, Exceptional Drought remains at Zero percent, unchanged for the past few weeks. Extreme drought or worse is now at 14.34, up from last weeks, 12.91 percent. Severe drought or worse is now at 32.40 percent, up from last week’s 30.93 percent. Moderate …

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Extreme Drought Jumps to 12.19% from Last Weeks 3.5% in Latest Drought Monitor

According to the latest Oklahoma Drought Monitor, Exceptional Drought remains at Zero percent, unchanged for the past few weeks. Extreme Drought or Worse is now at 12.19%, up from Last week’s 3.51% Severe Drought or Worse is now at 34.60%, up from last week’s 29.80% Moderate Drought or worse is now at 48.72%, up from …

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Emergency Drought Commission Meeting Coming up May 8th 10am

The Oklahoma Emergency Drought Commission will meet on May 8 at 10:00 Am at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Building in the board room. There will be an opportunity for public comment. Oklahoma’s Emergency Drought Commission, enabled through passage of Enrolled House Bill 1923 in 2013, provides funding for drought mitigation and related projects in Oklahoma in …

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Chances of Widespread Rain Across the State this Week

Parts of the driest portions of Oklahoma MIGHT get their chance at rain this week, according to State Climatologist Gary McManus, “The forecast models have been consistently consistent since last week in dumping copious amounts ofrainfall across drought-plagued north and western Oklahoma, so we’re going to go with the hopeful flow and lean into it. …

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Drought conditions increase the Potential for wheat Disease and insects

Wheat harvest is two months away, and some of this year’s crop will be affected by not only drought conditions but also disease and insects. On a recent episode of SUNUP, the agriculture television show of Oklahoma State University Extension, two specialists discussed the challenges producers could face during the next couple of months. Disease …

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Chances of Rain move Throughout the State this Week

Today will be warm and Windy with chances of fire danger and gusts of 40-50-mph, but chances of rain will make their way across the state this week. According to State Climatologist Gary McManus, “We’ll have a chance of rain tonight into Tuesday, maybe a few rumbles of thunder, then another chance across NW and …

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Managing Livestock Water Resources in the Winter

Dave Lalman, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, discusses ways to manage ponds and other water sources over the winter. Dave also mentions the low-cost water testing services available through local county OSU Extension offices. For Extension fact sheets & more visit https://extension.okstate.edu

Forecast hopeful for Rains Today and Through the Weekend

It’s currently Raining across parts of the state, and hopefully, we will see more rain on the way. State Climatologist Gary McManus says we should see our first rains today and into tomorrow and then another system for Friday and Saturday, and yet another on Monday McManus said even though this does just look like …

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Producers Encouraged to Mitigate risk, take advantage of Drought Relief

Welcome rains have fallen across the state in recent weeks, but much of Oklahoma is still in a drought. Oklahoma State University Extension has rounded up the following drought relief funding channels that are currently available to producers and noted some of the most important drought policies in effect during this challenging season. Water availability …

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