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Winter Weather Advisory for the State with Possible Snow

Thankfully the Wind has died down a bit throughout the state after seeing up to 78mph winds in the Panhandle yesterday. According to State Climatologist Gary McManus, “Today’s excitement includes a massive winter storm to our NW which will clip the NW part of our state. And also some fairly significant severe weather to our …

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Winter Weather Arrives in the State with Thunder Sleet, Cold Temps and Round 2 on the Way

Strange weather we are having here today, even for Oklahoma! Much of the state woke up to “Thunder Sleet” With heavy showers of sleet falling, thunder, and lightning. State Climatologist Gary McManus says this is the first wave, “We start off our winter storm with waves of sleet and freezing rain today, get another dose …

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Winter Storm Could Bring Much-Needed Moisture to the State

A winter Storm is brewing and could bring some pretty good snow to the state. According to State Climatologist Gary McManus, “Some folks could see a LOT more (or less, obviously) with convective elements within the broader storm possible, meaning thunder-snow. Again, lots has to happen to get all these things working in the same …

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Rain and Snow moving its Way Across the State

Right now we have a little shortwave moving in from the West and Weaking, according to State Climatologist Gary McManus. He says it will possibly generate enough “lift” to set up extremely heavy snow bands across western into south central Oklahoma. “Temps are still warm, of course, but as we’ve talked about for days (and …

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